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Bringing financial excellence to our customers

The Arctic Group is a leading, independent provider of financial services which opened its doors for business operations in Oslo in August 2007. The company was founded by a handful of visionary entrepreneurs who set out to create a financial adventure. Arctic was built on an entrepreneurial spirit that still permeates our culture and drives our employees. 

Arctic is synonymous with high-level performance. We have gained in-depth knowledge, experience, and network in the Nordic markets. Our aim is to bring value to clients through our superior competence and to be their preferred partner for discussion.

Norwegian heritage, global reach

Our clients include international institutions and investors looking to partake in the Nordic markets. We also bring our Norwegian heritage to the world, where we advise clients in their domestic markets from our regional offices. 

Since starting Arctic Securities in 2007, the Arctic group now totals 11 companies within different sectors, service and product areas. The Arctic Group also has offices in 7 different countries to be closer to our clients - to be able to provide local expertise in an international market.

Our industry focus areas include

  • Real Estate & Construction

    The commercial real estate (CRE) sector in Norway is well developed and supported by a healthy Norwegian economy and strong government finances.

    The CRE sector has developed rapidly from being dominated by Norwegian investors, to international investors representing about half of the annual CRE transaction volumes.

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  • Renewables

    As a leading investment bank, we have a responsibility to promote and raise capital for renewable energy initiatives. Within renewable energy broking, research and corporate services, the Arctic group aims to become a powerhouse.

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  • Circular Economy

    Investment opportunities in the circular economy include small technology companies developing new materials, products, or processes to help further the closed loop ideal, or large companies committed to transitioning to the sustainable model.

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  • Aquaculture

    Norway has one of the world’s largest aquaculture industries. Growth within the Norwegian seafood sector is primarily driven by salmon farming. Norway produces more than half of the world’s total output.

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  • Shipping & Transportation

    The maritime cluster combines shipping companies, financial institutions, shipbrokers, service, and equipment providers, together with lenders, corporate financiers and investors. An important maritime-focused capital market has developed around the cluster with a unique offering to shipping companies across the globe. As a leading provider of investment banking services to shipping companies, we offer a wide range of opportunities for global shipping companies to raise equity and debt capital from a global investor base.

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  • Oil, Gas & Offshore

    The oil & gas industry remains an important contributor to the Norwegian economy. The industry is a core component of the investment universe in Norway for both domestic and international investors. The oil & gas sector extends from leading global upstream companies through smaller, independent E&P operators to a multitude of service and equipment companies.

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  • Financial Institutions

    Norway has an open and well diversified financial services industry. There are many foreign institutions operating in Norway, especially within the banking sector. We provide in-depth knowledge of the operational aspects of the sector, combined with a detailed understanding of the regulatory regime.

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  • Financial Sponsors

    The Financial Sponsor team works in close co-operation with all of Arctic’s industry teams and across all offices and geographies. Arctic Securities offers a broad spectrum of corporate finance services from opportunity screening to transaction structuring, sellside and buyside M&A assist, public-to-privates, deal negotiations, acquisition financing and debt advisory services.

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  • Infrastructure & Utilities

    Norwegian companies have been active in developing infrastructure and utilities projects, ranging from hydropower production facilities to extensive fibre networks and district heating facilities. The sector spans a wide range of sub-sectors, and often involves companies with long-term and stable cash flows. This attracts attention from a broad range of institutional investors, in many cases as part of an asset/liability matching strategy.

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  • Telecom, Media and Technology (TMT)

    The telecommunications, media, and technology sector (TMT) in Norway has a history of fostering many leading-edge companies with extensive international operations. While the number of publicly listed TMT companies on the Oslo Stock Exchange is limited, it includes global enterprises within fixed line and mobile telephony and data communication, print media and online advertising and software development.

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  • Industrials & Materials

    Our clients are involved in anything from heavy machinery, equipment, and raw materials, and offer services in the construction, transportation, aerospace, defense, and energy industries, among others. We have extensive transaction experience within all the relevant subsegments of the Industrials & Materials space.

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  • Consumer Goods

    The consumer goods sector faces a rapidly changing landscape. In addition to operational challenges and climate change concerns, consumer goods companies must manage various stakeholders and consumer expectations.

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  • Life Sciences

    The Norwegian life sciences industry is evolving rapidly. Continued research and development (R&D) by research centers in hospitals and universities in Norwaywill develop the life sciences industry over the next decade.

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Legal & Compliance

The Legal and Compliance departments provides legal advice to the organization and seeks to ensure that the company conducts its activities in accordance with applicable laws and standards. Visit our Legal & Compliance page for more information.

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