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For Arctic, sustainability means being conscious of the impact our activities has on the surroundings and actively contribute where we can make a difference. 

Arctic regards its social responsibility as a commitment to being a credible and reliable partner, which acts in the best interest of customers and ethically and responsibly towards society. 

We aim at building long-term relationships based on trust and confidence.

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Our approach to ESG Management

We are continuously working to integrate new environmental, social and governance measures into our business strategy in order to ensure long-term sustainable development and growth.

It is our belief that transparency and clear communication of ESG commitments are key elements for any organisation looking to excel in a modern business environment. 

These principles of openness will continue to play a leading role in our ESG management procedures.

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Our updated ESG report will be released once a year and will be available online. Our ESG measures are internally communicated to our employees through campaigns and the Arctic intranet on an ongoing basis. 

In compliance with the Equality and Anti-Discrimination Act, this statement reflects the actual status of gender equality in Arctic Securities (“Arctic”) and what Arctic does to comply with the activity duty.

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Efforts with renewables

Arctic is committed to continuous development and improve­ment, and we invest our knowledge and financial resources for the long term. We enhance our competence and knowledge of renewable industries in particular, not only to be responsible, but also to gain competitive advantage.

As part of our engagement in the sector Arctic acquired in November 2019 35.7% of the shares in Cleanworld AS, one of Europe’s largest brokers of renewable energy certificates. Cleanworld is a leader in broking green certificates, including Guarantees of Origin. 

The market is growing rapidly and spreading to new products and areas, driven by increased requirements as to the production and consumption of renewable energy in Europe and the rest of the world. 

The company also owns 12.48% of the shares in the research company Veyt AS, a specialist in analysis and data on the green certificate market. With Cleanworld and Veyt joining the Arctic Group we aim to build a position as the leading centre of expertise with respect to broking, research and corporate services in the field of renewable energy.

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Arctic Securities is certified by the Eco-Lighthouse foundation, fulfilling the requirements within:

  • Health, safety and the environment
  • Procurement
  • Energy
  • Transportation
  • Waste management
  • Aesthetics
  • Bank and Finance

The Eco-Lighthouse certification scheme is Norway’s most widely used environmental management system. Read more about the environmental certification scheme.

Any questions regarding our climate and environmental impact?

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Sindre Fjærtoft

Head of Communication