Is Norway doing enough to prevent energy sabotage?

– We suspect the answer is no. The seriousness of the situation for Europe is not fully recognized, says Harald von Heyden and Bård Ludvig Thorheim.

Harald von Heyden 2
Norway's reputation as a safe, reliable and long-term supplier of energy is on the line, according to Harald von Heyden.

"When Putin shut down gas deliveries to Europe, it was a brutal wake-up call. Suddenly, most people understood how energy and security are deeply intertwined.

The EU spent significant resources trying to strengthen Europe's energy security. Then, Hamas' horrific terrorist attack and a gas pipeline and fiber cable between Finland end Estonia turned everything upside down. 

Why should these events worry Europeans? The answer lies within three uncomfortable truths about the energy and security situation within the EU. 

Norway's reputation is on the line."

This is an excerpt from a recent comment written by Harald von Heyden, Head of Energy & Infrastructure in Arctic Securities, and Bård Ludvig Thorheim, parliamentary representative for the Conservative Party (Høyre).  

Read the full article in Norwegian business newspaper Finansavisen (in Norwegian): Gjør Norge nok for å hindre energisabotasje? | Finansavisen 

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