New Head of ESG in Arctic Real Estate Management AS

– I am very excited to be part of one of the leading real estate companies in the country and improve ESG practices and standards across the portfolio, Sanders says.

Nathalie Isabel Sanders

Arctic Real Estate Management AS («AREM») manages one of Norway’s largest real estate portfolios. As the company saw the need to coordinate their many ESG activities, AREM hired Nathalie Sanders as an ESG & Compliance Officer. Nathalie previously worked in the due diligence team at ABG Sundal Collier.

– Nathalie will coordinate and strengthen our ESG efforts even further, says Kristian Nordtømme Managing Partner in Arctic Real Estate Management.

ESG increasingly important

– Our work within ESG and sustainability in our real estate portfolio has matured a lot. We have already carried out an extensive review of our energy consumption and implemented systems to extract reliable energy data, Nordtømme says.

With Nathalie on the team, AREM will become even better and more coordinated, according to Nordtømme:

– I am thrilled to have Nathalie on board. She will help us coordinate our ESG initiatives and setting the bar even higher in terms of our ESG competence and capacity, which is arguably even more important for AREM and our clients going forward.

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