Haaland x Grorud x Arctic: Big dreams and lifetime memories

A football club “where dreams come true” and a superstar who has been dreaming big all his life: Find out how big dreams paved the way for a powerful moment between Erling Haaland, Grorud IL and Arctic.

Watch the heart-warming moment as Haaland surprisingly joins an arranged team photo on the pitch and completely stuns Grorud’s young footballers – creating lifetime memories.

Arctic got introduced to Grorud in 2018. We were quickly impressed by their ambitions as a professional football club, but more importantly, their massively positive impact on children in their local community.

“We want absolutely everyone to be able to live their dreams in Grorud. Our objective is to be an inclusive sports club for everyone in the district.”

– Richard Pedersen, Chairman of the Board at Grorud IL.

Everyone is welcome in Grorud. The club has boldly set out to be the most positive driving force in building the local community in Groruddalen. Grorud IL offers a wide range of activities, and they work continuously to avoid social exclusion and create a safe environment where kids and youngsters are included, involved and supported.

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A life-changing moment with Erling Haaland

Haaland himself has experienced the benefits of having proper training facilities available and the positive environment it creates. When the idea of surprising Grorud’s young footballers came about, Erling did not hesitate to say yes: 

"Football was such a big part of my life growing up. The ability to play anytime and to be supported in a good environment was key", Haaland says, and quickly adds: "I know my responsibilities as a role model, and I try to inspire kids whenever I can. Being here in Groruddalen was a heart-warming moment for me and it feels great", Haaland says.

“I identify a lot with Grorud IL and what they are trying to achieve in their community.”

– Erling Haaland

Working with Arctic to fulfill dreams

Erling Haaland is a global sports superstar.

"Together with Arctic and my other partners my aim is to support children and young people in experiencing the joy and benefit of sports and create even stronger local communities. Like I was lucky enough to experience myself growing up in Bryne", Haaland says.

"Thanks to Arctic, we have an artificial football pitch with undersoil heating, built in 2018. Besides financial support, Arctic also gets involved in community projects. We would not be where we are today without the support from Arctic," says Richard Pedersen, Chairman of the Board at Grorud IL.

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“For me, Grorud, Erling and Arctic is a perfect match. Together, we share a set of core values and beliefs, including hard work, a long-term perspective, and the notion that anything is possible"

– Mads Syversen, CEO in Arctic.
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Haaland has surprised Grorud before

In September 2021, Haaland was named man of the match in Norway’s 5-1 victory against Gibraltar. Much to their surprise, his prize money was donated to Grorud IL.

As an Arctic ambassador, he knew that Arctic had been working closely with Grorud for a long time. Haaland decided that it would be fun to support one of Arctic’s most important social engagements.

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